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Savannah Maddison on Larry King

Savannah on Larry King

Savannah Maddison sat down with Larry King. We asked her about the experience. We heard that you just met Larry King were you nervous? I wasn’t nervous. Actually it was fun because I got to talk with him before hand. You do a lot of interviews. How was this one different? It was different because […]

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To The Top

Savannah Maddison is on her way to the top with a new song and music video coming out this fall, a tour that is being planned to criss-cross the country and so much more. We were able to sit down with her for just a minute to ask her a few questions about her music. […]

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Florida Songstress

What were you doing in your early teenage years? Writing an album, playing shows all over Florida, and getting featured on the Today Show? Probably not. And that’s just what makes the three featured artists at this Thursday’s Songwriter’s Showcase such inspiring talents. At 12-years old, respectively, Savannah Maddison will ruling a circle of current […]

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