Music is my life. I hear it all of the time in my head. I play it all of the time and I sing all of the time. I drive my sister CRAZY!

“Your Loss” is my first song. It is on the sad side but it is also about being strong. It is about getting up when you are knocked down. It is about knowing that you are valuable even when someone says that you are not.

I co-wrote “Your Loss” with Deborah Allen in Nashville Tennessee. I recorded it with the great and talented Mike Loudermilk.. It was such a magical, sparkling day! I cried. It is silly but I was so excited to hear my first song played back to me on a CD.

“Wilson” is my second song. It has such a long story connected to it. It is a song that I wrote for my best friend. Her name is Wilson. Her dad has been deployed to Afghanistan for one year. This song is also where the Savannah’s Soldiers organization began. Check out the Savannah’s Soldiers link to learn more about my organization and to read the whole story! I co-wrote it in Nashville Tennessee with Deborah Allen.

“Crushin On You” is one of my favorite songs to perform. It is about a boy that I had a crush on. He was so cute. He of course has no idea. Maybe one day I will tell him. I think that you will like it. I love to sing it. Performing it is super fun. I usually get to have a very cute boy from the audience join me on stage. I dedicate my song to him…he gets embarrassed…fun stuff. I usually give that lucky boy a rose at the end of the song. It is always super cool to be able to interact with the crowd.

I wrote “Do You Believe” with Aaron Barker in Nashville Tennessee. We wrote the song on his farm in this very old white barn. It was almost magical. He had chickens and wild turkey and deer just walking around. We were surrounded by green rolling hills and a forest of trees. The song is about following your dreams and believing in yourself. I always talk about this when I perform because it is a very important message that we all need to hear. I named my EP after this song because I believe in its message so much. I hope that you like it as much as I do.

My latest release is “This is My Love Song”. It is my most favorite song to sing. It talks about…. that boy who pays attention to… that girl ….and not me. Silly boy- I wrote you a song. I hope you guys like it.

There’s more to come… My next song deals with those people in our lives that are not so nice. We all know them… I can’t wait to share it with you. Check back soon.